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MEPSA operates its concession through leasehold rights contracts and/or lease contracts of the various plots on which operators perform activities related to the logistics and port sector.

Catalana d’Infraestuctures Portuàries, CIP, (a holding of MEPSA) is the company responsible for the maintenance and conservation of the PTP Delta 1 area. CIP performs activities such as irrigation and gardening, street cleaning, refuse collection, street surfacing, plus maintenance of the electricity network and signposting in the area.

MEPSA customers are attended at all times by the specialised technical staff of the companies responsible for maintenance in PTP Delta 1 and provide ongoing coverage to ensure the smooth running of services.

On the perimeter of the PTP Delta 1 we can also find the Truck Center which provides services such as refuelling and services to vehicles and lorry drivers and therefore dispenses services that complement the activities performed within the Energy Wharf.


The solution for large liquid bulk cargo operators

in the Port of Barcelona